Carthage Faculty: Devoted to Teaching

Passion for teaching is hard to quantify. But you’ll see it.


of classes taught by faculty (not TAs)

  • Like when class ends, and your professor refuses to leave until you get it.
  • Or when their lunch break becomes your mock interview.
  • Or when you skip class and find a concerned email waiting in your inbox.

Passion is in their job description. It’s contagious. And it’s why our professors will encourage you as often as they challenge you. Their enthusiasm for your success in college and beyond makes Carthage a very special place. They cheer at athletic and cultural events, and will know you well enough to write stellar letters of recommendation to help you to that next step after graduation.

Ask your admissions representative to introduce you to more professors during your campus visit. You can also learn more about our faculty by visiting our academic program websites.


Summer Zilisch

“The relationships I’ve built with faculty members have opened doors to research opportunities, mentorship, and a deeper understanding of my chosen fields. These connections have not only expanded my knowledge, but also provided me with a network of mentors who genuinely care about my success.” — Summer Zilisch ’26